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CDs 9 and 10

Dec. 10th, 2005 | 03:44 pm
posted by: hyujurin in hyujucds

CD 9
(typed exactly as I wrote it on the cd in my crappy 7th grade handwriting.)

1. A Date - Outlaw Star
2. Akai Katyusha - Sakura Taisen
3. Ask DNA - Cowboy Bebop OST
4. Ai wa Daiya - Sakura Taisen
5. Bokura no Rekishi - Maaya Sakamoto
6. Cosmic Dare - Cowboy Bebop OST
7. Junk Boy - Kaori 2 Luv (from Maze)
8. Tenkuu Shiron Laputa - Laputa Theme (There's something wrong with the way this burned. It plays for 2 minutes then the rest is silent, and the mp3 was fine.)
9. Lucia's theme - Lunar
10. Holly Night Fantasy - DiGi Charat (Rabi en Rose duet)

CD 10

1. Just Wanna Be - WAG (Project ARMS ED)
2. Friends - DOCO (Ranma 1/2 ED song)
3. Watashi no Oki ni Iri - Sakura Taisen: Arabia no Bara cd. Sumire, Kouran, and Iris song.
4. Days - Shela (Hikaru no GO 4th ED)
5. Kimi yo, Hana yo - Suyama Akio, Yokoyama Chiisa, Tomizawa Michie, Takano Urara, Nishihara Kumiko, Fuchizaki Yuriko, Tanaka Mayumi, Okamoto Maya, Ikura Kazue, Hidaka Noriko, Shimazu Saeko, Kozakura Etsuko, Inoue Kikuko, Takamori Yoshino (Sakura Taisen 4 ending song)
6. 2 of a Kind! - Sanosuke and Megumi image song (Rurouni Kenshin)
7. Chanto Yume wo Mimasho! - Chisa Yokoyama (Magical Girl Pretty Samy)
8. Haruka ~SAILING FOR MY DREAM~ - B'tx
9. Lum no Love Song - Matsutani Yuuko
10. MIRAKURU BODI ni Goyoujin - VS Lamune & 40 Fresh OP song <--- ugh this song is so wrong.

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CD 7

Dec. 10th, 2005 | 03:17 pm
posted by: hyujurin in hyujucds

CD 7 doesn't...work for some reason....

CD 8

1. Namida no Chikai (An oath of tears) - KOTOKO (Triangle Heart 3 ~sweet songs forever~)
2. Route Venus - Fukami Rica (Sailormoon R Venus theme song)
3. Senyaichiya (One Thousand and One Nights) - .hack//Liminality opening
4. Arigatou (Thank You) - Sakura Tange (from 2nd Cardcaptor Sakura movie)
5. Kimi no Mama de - Motoda Emi (Comic Party)
6. Idiot - Faye Wong (in Mandarin. very good song.)
7. Koi wa a la Mode!! (Love a la Mode) - Tokyo Mew Mew, full cast
8. In My Justice - Tsubasa no Densetsu - -Watanabe Manabu (Reideen) <--- lamest song ever.
9. ??????? - Some fighting game.. o_o; I think it might be a direct recording of the final battle from Soul Calibur II. Very weird.
10. Haato wa Wow! Wow! - Takagi Reiko (Love Hina... this one's the full version.)
11. You Get to Burning - Matsuzawa Yumi (Nadesico theme.)
12. 1000 no Kotoba wa - Kumi Koda (FFX-2 theme, japanese version)
13. True Moon - Angel Links ED song
14. Breeze - Hayashibara Megumi (Slayers TRY opening song)
15. Yume no 1 Pound - Sakura Taisen version of Hamlet, from the drama cd. (Kanna sounds so cuuuuute.)

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(no subject)

Dec. 10th, 2005 | 02:53 pm
posted by: hyujurin in hyujucds

Para Para Max 4
Yoko Ishida

1. Iron Leaguer ~Kagiri Naki Shimei~    3:15
Easily one of the longer songs on the cd. Eeh, what can I say? It's upbeat, but not my favorite.

2. Aa Gyakuten Ou    1:15
This is fun... sounds like an anime theme song. Knowing Ms. Ishida it probably is. ^.^; Easy to sing along to.

3. Burning Love    1:30
I'm starting to notice the way all the songs lead into one another. Huh. I'm also starting to notice they all sound very similar.
This one has some space-y synthesizers... but sounds... the same...

4. Mizu no Hoshi e Ai wo Komete    1:23
Slightly different, thank GOD. It has the same rhythms and notes as track two, but a different mood and little Sailormoon StarS-esque bells in the bg. Nice chorus, too.

5. Xiaobairyou    1:24
I'm guessing she's trying her best to give it a chinese feel. It's adorable. ^^; Kind of offensive, but adooorable. Remeeeembaaaaaa~

6. Chie to Yuuki da! Medalot    1:43
Whoa, this is kinda...cool. o_o I'm slowly gaining respect for this cd. No, seriously.. XD This one would be the song I'd wait for when playing a nonstop mode.

7. Romantic Ageru yo    2:02
I admit for the first 5 seconds it fits the title, but then it begins to remind me of an 80's techno version of a Sailor moon song. (Which would probably be pretty accurate. Yoko tends to cover shojo songs for her Para Para.) It's soooo cute! Like something Minako would sing.

8. Senaka Goshi ni Sentimental    1:47
When it first starts, it WILL remind you of a dir en grey song. ^^; I like the melody here, too. The adding of different synthesizers for each time she says "love me too" is a nice touch.
Come to think of it, it'd be nice if she covered a few Gundam Wing songs.

9. Aijou Ryouri Kai Uta    0:46
Shockingly short. Which is really too bad, because it's one of the more interesting tracks.

10. Go Go Heaven 1:24
If you listen to this, it has really dumb lyrics... x-x; Rather fun though.

11. FOR REAL 1:53
*freak out* I KNOW THIS SONG WTFFFFF. It was on one of my first mix cds, and I haven't been able to figure it out for a year now! Ohmygosh, it's such a great song, and Yoko's cute voice and the techno just make me love it more.

12. Tokimeki no Doukasen 1:33
If I'm not mistaken, this is from Tokimeki Memorial. ^^; I suppose they could still use it as a theme song. Only, y'know, if the girls became ravers that you had to score a one-night stand with. XDDDD

13. N Baka March 1:11
This song is great. "Happy happy happy happy happy!" adnauseum.. XD And c'mon, it's called N Baka March! It cracks me up.
Though she sounds like a five year old on acid, I love this.

14. Wabiko Genki Yohou 1:06
I'm not entirely sure what to say. This one's very generic. T_T;

15. Tongari Boushi no Memoru 1:27
If I was a magical girl I would want this as a theme song.
*hums along*

16. Anata no ichiban ni Naritai 2:24
Last time I checked, the original version of this was a really slow song. I think I actually have it, too. But be prepared... it doesn't sound a thing like the original until you might recognize the chorus. And that's a pretty slim chance too.
This stands out a lot though, because we get to hear her lovely voice singing a normal tempo song. ^^ "mo ichido, mo ichido~"

17. Jajauma ni Sasenaide 1:58
This actually frightens me on many levels.
I liked the original. This is just weird, ok? o____O It's like if they gave Akane a frickin' ray gun or something!
Yoko would be a very good choice if they just recorded this the way it was ORIGINALLY. I know it's para para, but this is just a weird thing to synthesize. I can dance quite fine to the normal recording. >_o

18. Honou no Tenkousei 1:35
From listening to this track, I learned that Yoko is completely unable to say "fire" in a normal fashion. No, no, I'm kidding. The thing about this is that it keeps reminding me of Legend of Zelda, which is pretty....strange, because it's not Zelda-like at all. XDD

19. Watashi ni Happy Birthday 4:27 (whoa, normal track length!)
Eeeeee, my favorite track!
I want to dance along to this in an arcade. It's really funfunfunfun. And bouncy, and doesn't have annoying vocals, and is everything the entire album SHOULD be. :P

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AWAKE +review

Dec. 10th, 2005 | 02:53 pm
posted by: hyujurin in hyujucds


Track Review:

1. New World   4:07
In the tradition of Laruku, all their cds start with a fast upbeat number that is absolutely AWESOME. Aweeesoooome. So far, it's my favorite song on the cd.

2. LOST HEAVEN   4:36
To be honest, I really don't like this track. The guitar intro is nice enough, but the tune and vocals bother me. (Especially the "WA-OOOOOH") Just not my style I guess.

3. Jojoushi    5:10
I had much higher hopes for a track that has such a good name.. Perhaps a fast number that Hyuju can randomly mosh to? No... it's a slow ballad. You disappoint me, Laruku. T_T It's a good song, but it's more in the vein of Shallow Sleep than Blurry Eyes.

4. TRUST   4:29
Don't don't don't be fooled by the soft rock intro. Concentrate on L'arc's awesome guitar intro, and it gives you a good idea of the song. It's not too fast, not too slow. Just kinda calm, and of course Hyde's wonderful vocals shine through. Especially on the chorus, which ...really has a chorus. I was pleasantly surprised after hearing Jojoushi and LOST HEAVEN. It sounds like their old stuff. Tetsu and Ken do an excellent job with the solos, too. *applaud*

5. Killing Me  4:01
Hooray for the track that made me want to download/buy this album!
It's fast, and has these random spastic guitar and drum solos. Hyde also has a bit of a drawl here, which is...incredibly attractive instead of weird. XD; *fangirl*
The melody's also very catchy. ^w^

6. AS ONE   3:44
I love Laruku all the more for doing a song like this.
It has a ton of bass and Yukihiro doing his own thing on the drums, and sounds like old-school metal. Usually I'd be like "ew no", but it's so catchy and wonderful... ^^;
It's a little too short though. Oh well.

7. My Dear   5:09
Weirdly enough, this sounds quite a bit like old La;Sadies.
It even sounds a little like an old recording when Hyde sings. Not so with the rest of the track or album, so I suspect this is a very well done effect. It makes the song seem nostalgic.
The entire track is mainly acoustic. It's not obvious that it's played on electric guitars, and it's equally as hard to notice that the background atmosphere is created by synthesizers. It sounds absolutely perfect if you play the guitar melody on an old acoustic. (Trust me, I tried. XD)

8. EXISTANCE   4:08
This is a pretty good song.
It has the icky vocals like LOST HEAVEN, but the other band members make up for Hyde's temporary loss of talent. *laugh*
Definitely sounds like it'd fit right into a sci-fi movie. Remake of the Returner, anyone?

9. Jiyuu e no Shotai   3:59
This could've been slipped into the first disk of the Singles BEST collection, and nobody would've noticed at all.
In fact, they'd probably shriek with joy.
It's just that good. Hyde sounds like his old self, and this makes me insanely happy. He rarely ever does the crazy low-to-high thing any more, but this song is filled with that, and excellent accompaniment by Tetsu and Ken.
I love this song even more than New World now. XD; So it's a shame it's the second shortest on the cd.

10. Ophelia  5:09
The song starts out with this beautiful piano, and then turns into something that's pretty jazzy. I didn't suspect Yukihiro could actually play syncopation; most of the time he just plays nonstop sixteenth notes.
I think this is a song that Hyde has the most say on, since there's minimal guitar, a lot of piano presumably played by him, and his voice drowns out like... everything. So it's practically another Hyde solo work. Boo, hiss. >_>

11. Hoshizora  5:36
And, now for the longest song on the cd.
More of that acoustic guitar sound, and also some more of Hyde sounding like his solo work.
At least this time, the other members make up for it.
It reminds me of autumn, so it's okay overall.
(Is it too obvious that I dislike the sound of Hyde's newer stuff? T_T;)

12. twinkle, twinkle  5:12
Haha, this is just old-school-y fun.
If I were to compare it to any single artist besides L'Arc en Ciel, I'd probably say glay. It just screams "GLAAAY SONG". XD
Despite the erm....glay copycat sound, it's actually a very good song. I'd listen to it more than once, I know that.

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(no subject)

Dec. 10th, 2005 | 02:51 pm
posted by: hyujurin in hyujucds



CD-4 Hello World

1. Canta Per Me - Yuki Kaijura
2. Thinking of You - Bonnie Pink
3. No Style - Bad Luck (Gravitation)
4. Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute - Sailormoon SuperS ED song
5. HELLO WORLD - .hack//sign
6. Men's Club -Chobits
7. Portrait of Tenderness - Chobits
8. Raison D'Etre - Shinbo and Sumomo song (Chobits)
9. GET REAL - Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
10. Shadow of Doubt - Escaflowne
11. Memory - Sol Bianca (??)
12. Hikari no Suashi (Bare Feet in the Light) - Ishibashi Chie (Record of Lodoss War Eiyuu Kishi Den end theme)
13. Catch you catch me! - Gumi (Cardcaptor Sakura)
14. It's Gonna Rain - Bonnie Pink (Rurouni Kenshin ED theme)
15. Change The World - V8 (Inuyasha)
16. Kiseki no Umi (sea of Miracles) - Sakamoto Ma'aya (Record of Lodoss War op theme)
17. Summer Sunset - Ryoko
18. Hikari no Suashi (Bare Feet in the Light) - Ishibashi Chie (Record of Lodoss War Eiyuu Kishi Den end theme)
19. Toki no Shounen (Boy of Time) - Toki no Daichi op song
20. Men's Club - Chobits

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Dec. 10th, 2005 | 02:51 pm
posted by: hyujurin in hyujucds

CD-2: Summer Sunset
circa 2003.

1. (messed up track)
2. Simple and Clean - Utada Hikaru
3. Catch you catch me! - Gumi (Cardcaptor Sakura)
4. Cruel Angel's Thesis- Evangelion (Special version where Rei, Asuka, and other characters sing)
5. The Flowing Gold of Time - Please Save My Earth (In the language of the planet where they're reincarnated from.)
6. Chokotto (Petit) Love - Mini Moni
7. Jajauma ni Sasenaide! (Don't make me a shrew!) - Nishio Etsuko (Ranma 1/2)
8. Hikari no Suashi (Bare Feet in the Light) - Ishibashi Chie (Record of Lodoss War Eiyuu Kishi Den end theme)
9. Summer Sunset - Ryoko
10. Toki no Shounen (Boy of Time) - Toki no Daichi op song

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Dec. 10th, 2005 | 02:51 pm
posted by: hyujurin in hyujucds

CD-1: Silent White
est. 2002

1. "Rashaku" Ikimasho - Meu (Sailor Moon SuperS: Ami-chan no Hatsukoi Special ending song)
2. Rainy Days Never Stays - The Brilliant Green
3. Brand New Myself ~boku ni dekiru koto~ - Charcoal Filter
4. Groovy! - Hirose Kami (from Card Captor Sakura)
5. Ignite - T. M. Revolution
6. Get Over - DREAM (from Hikaru no Go)
7. Koori no NAIFU wo Daite (Embracing the Knife of Ice) - Oogata Megumi (As Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho)
8. Silent White - move (original recording, before they switched around their members.)
9. Kakusei Toshi (Awakening City) - Akino Arai (from Tokyo Underground)
10. Daydream Generation - Yu Yu Hakusho ending song
11. Homework ga Owarinai! (The Homework Never Ends!) - Yu Yu Hakusho ending song
12. Bara no SORUJA (Rose Soldier) - Tsubokura Yuiko (from Bubblegum Crisis... how 80's.)
13. Catch you catch me! - Gumi (from Card Captor Sakura)
14. Chokotto (Petit) Love - Mini Moni
15. Jajauma ni Sasenaide! (Don't make me a Shrew) - Nishio Etsuko (Ranma 1/2 1st op. Theme)
16. Hikari no Suashi (Bare Feet in the Light)- Ishibashi Chie (Record of Lodoss War Eiyuu Kishi Den end theme)
17. Ponytail Soldier - Those Who Hunt Elves

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